Rhyolite-MELTS vs DERP – Reply to Comment by Gualda et al. on ‘The Effect of Anorthite Content and Water on Quartz–Feldspar Cotectic Compositions in the Rhyolitic System and Implications for Geobarometry’ by Wilke et al. (2017), Journal of Petrology, 58, No. 4, 789–818


The estimation of magma storage conditions is crucial for the understanding of magma plumbing systems (e.g. Putirka, 2017). In addition to geophysical approaches, petrologic and geochemical investigations of volcanic rocks are the only methods available to constrain temperature, pressure, volatile and oxygen fugacities prevailing in magma chambers, as well as the time-scales over which magmatic processes operate. Applying experimentally calibrated thermobarometeric models to analyses of coexisting phases (e.g. Blundy & Cashman, 2008) or the trace element content of solid phases (e.g. Thomas et al., 2010) is the most common approach used in petrology to estimate pressures and temperatures of magma storage. The quality of the extracted pressures and…

Journal of Petrology, Volume 60(4)
Sören Wilke
Sören Wilke
Dr. rer. nat. Earth Science

My research interests include hydrogeochemistry, geologic modelling and geostatistics.